Coach Jordan explains why First Tee felt like the perfect fit  

Jordan Hall found her home at First Tee – Triangle during a college internship.   

As a sports management student at North Carolina State University, Jordan heard about First Tee through her school’s job board. After interviewing at multiple other places, she said that First Tee was the only place that felt right.   

“I walked in, they welcomed me, I felt that same sense of home and I knew that the program, the life skills, and development that kids were receiving as a result of being involved in First Tee was so similar to how I was fortunate to grow up. 

The opportunity to be a part of that and think that it could be a career for me was really awesome, and I’ve been here ever since,” said Jordan.   

Jordan’s passion is coaching and youth development. She is now the vice president of programs at First Tee – Triangle where she did her first internship seven years ago.   

Jordan is currently pursuing a master’s degree in parks, recreation, tourism, and sport management from NC state. She explained how she’s learned to grow through challenges and lean on those around her.   

“Starting grad school and balancing a full-time schedule and trying to find the balance between that and my personal life has been difficult.   

I’ve been able to lean on my friends and my peers for support, but also finding strength in routine and [using] some of the things I’ve learned through the game [of golf] to help me off the course as well as help me find that right balance,” Jordan said.   

Even with her busy schedule, Jordan still prioritizes her time with First Tee. She especially enjoys seeing participants that she taught in middle school go off and play in college or pursue their dreams and come back to the chapter to share all that they’ve accomplished.  

“There are so many little moments that over time add up to really big moments. In a lot of cases, it’s the kids you don’t realize you’re impacting,” she said. “You didn’t realize in the moment that you were impacting that child’s life.”   

Jordan continues to positively impact the participants at First Tee – Triangle and teach them the same lessons that help her to grow through challenge in her own life.