Player Certification requirements: (Moving from Player to Par)
  • Minimum of 3 sessions completed
  • Player book complete, Played 1, 9-hole round of golf fast, safe and courteously on a par 3 course, carrying bag or using pull cart, holing out on every hole, keeping up with the pace of play or finishing in no more than 2hrs. 30 min.  No maximum scoring requirement, but must be able to keep their own score and be familiar with the rules and etiquette of golf.
  • Putt a 9 hole putting course recording their score honestly with no scoring requirement, and showing knowledge of basic rules of golf and etiquette on putting green.
  • Complete written assessments with a score of 80% or better on life skills test (10 out of 12) and 8 out of 10 on golf knowledge.
Par Certification requirements: (Moving from Par to Birdie)
  • Minimum of 4 sessions completed. (Par Level)
  • Par book complete Played 1 9-hole round of golf exhibiting a knowledge of basic etiquette and golf rules, score 72 strokes or better at a distance of 1500-1900 yards. On a regulation course that would be teeing off from the 150 yd marker on par 4, the red tees on par 3s, and the 225 yd. marker on par 5. Must walk the course carrying bag or using a push cart, keeping the pace of play or finish in 2 hours and 15 min. or better.
  • Putt 9 holes with a maximum score of 27.
  • Play 3 up and downs with a maximum score of 12.
  • Correctly answer 15/18 questions on Life Skill Knowledge
  • Correctly answer 12/15 questions on Golf Knowledge
Birdie Certification requirements: (Moving from Birdie to Eagle)
  • Minimum of 6 sessions completed. (Birdie Level Sessions)
  • Have volunteered in Player or Par classes as Jr. coach for a total of 6 hours, played 5 9-hole rounds of golf exhibiting a good grasp of golf rules and etiquette completing each round in 2 hours or better or maintaining the pace of play.  Scored 63 or better from a distance of 1900-2500 yards.  Carried or used a cart to walk all holes
  • Putt 9 holes with a maximum score of 23
  • Played 6 up and downs with a maximum score of 21
  • Landed the ball on the green from 55-75 yards (to the middle) 3 out of 6 times
  • Correctly answered 20/24 written Life Skills Knowledge questions
  • Correctly answered 16/20 Golf Skill Knowledge answers
Eagle Certification requirements (Moving from Eagle to Ace)
  • Minimum of 10 sessions completed
  • Have Volunteered in Player or Par as a junior coach for a total of 12 hours
  • Played ten 18-hole rounds – Fast/safe/courteous – Score = 108 and under – Required distance = 5,000-6,000 yards
  • Putting: 9 holes • Maximum of 18
  •  Up and downs: 9 holes • Maximum of 27
  • Greens in regulation: 3 out of 6 • Required distance = 80 to 100 yards to middle of green
  • Fairways in regulation: 3 out of 6 • Required distance = 160 to 190 yards to a fairway 30-35 yards wide
  • Life Skills Assessment: Correctly answered 25-30 written (or verbal) questions
  • Golf Skills Assessment: Correctly answered 20-25 written (or verbal) questions