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Summer Schedule for 2024

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Spring Schedule for 2024 – All Classes are FULL

  • What: First Tee – Greater Wichita will transition from our current skill-based programming structure to an age-based format for all programs. Participants will be grouped by age levels (7-9, 10-11, 12-13, and 14+), and will progress to the next course when they “age up” to the age group.
  • Why: Extensive research and feedback from participants and parents consistently show that age-appropriate programming will increase both engagement and retention of kids, especially older youth. This change will enable us to have a greater impact as kids stay with us longer and help First Tee – Greater Wichita to grow.
  • In 2022, First Tee – Greater Wichita began using an enhanced and modernized curriculum across all programs, aligned to the age-based format described above. This is the culmination of a multi-year effort involving our network and industry experts from youth development and sports psychology. As youth self-identity evolves, a value system inherently develops within them so we took the opportunity to reimagine how the “nine core values” might be integrated into program content, while welcoming concepts outside of the nine values themselves. First Tee – Greater Wichita’s Commitment to Being a Game Changer and the 5 Key Commitments serve as a compass and an invitation for participants to come as they are so they can further uncover what’s inside of them, becoming the best versions of who they already are.
  • The refreshed curriculum implements recommendations from a third-party evaluation of our curricula, ensuring programs remain relevant to today’s youth. We have organized the content to be both developmentally and age-appropriate to meet participants where they are and better address their needs—including their emotional and social needs as they are surrounded by and working with peers of their same age.